My best buddy Tom is getting married today. Call me sentimental but he’s one of my best pals; always there when shit went down and when life seemed to get a little tough and makes me laugh like no other person, a true friend for life. Some of you may remember his stupid face appearing in ELLERBISMS from time to time and so here are my favourite strips with him in.

My graphic novel ELLERBISMS is now only £7.99 for the rest of August (a saving of £5 off the cover price!)

For those who don’t know what ELLERBISMS is, well, it’s an autobiographical diary comic I kept between 2007 and 2012 and it chronicles a relationship I was in during that time. It’s 268 pages long, it has some sad bits in it, some funny bits in it, there’s some cats, a dinosaur balloon, some talking teeth, some brutally honest moments, some highs and lows, some sighs and LOL’s. The book even has ROUNDED CORNERS, GUYS. You can read a preview and find out a lot more here.

It’s the work I’m the most proud of (so far) and if you’ve only just recently discovered my work via Doctor Who or other stuff then this is as good as time as any to pick up a hefty book of my drawings :D

thecreativeintersection asked:

Is that ATP comic based on your actual experience seeing Slint?

Haha, yes unfortunately it was. It was the year of ATP vs The Fans (Pt1) and the second year where ATP expanded and was in that Butlins in Minehead. To solve the problem of overcrowding in the venues, they erected this horrible lifeless stage opposite a Burger King which just drained the crowd and the bands of any excitement, I saw lots of great bands do some proper shitty shows there that year. Someone recorded this collection of “gems” from Slint’s set at that particular ATP.

I haven’t seen Slint since.