thecreativeintersection asked:

Is that ATP comic based on your actual experience seeing Slint?

Haha, yes unfortunately it was. It was the year of ATP vs The Fans (Pt1) and the second year where ATP expanded and was in that Butlins in Minehead. To solve the problem of overcrowding in the venues, they erected this horrible lifeless stage opposite a Burger King which just drained the crowd and the bands of any excitement, I saw lots of great bands do some proper shitty shows there that year. Someone recorded this collection of “gems” from Slint’s set at that particular ATP.

I haven’t seen Slint since.

Anonymous asked:

Mr. Ellerby, I was wondering how one comes to write for something like Titan Comics? Did they seek you out or do they have job openings that anyone can apply for or does one just send in their résumé and cross their fingers? Ok, I kid, I kid, but wow. I can't even imagine it. I hope you don't mind me asking but feel free to delete this if it's too nosy. Either way, congratulations on your monthly Doctor Who strip!

Hello! Titan editor Andrew James has been a fan of my comic for years and we’ve spoken and kept in contact in that time. He approached me in November last year about working on Who and it took a lot of testing and trying out strips before we all locked down what the back ups would be like.

Titan do have a submissions guide on their website which I didn’t look into as they approached me but my advice for those wanting to get work in comics is simple: Make comics. Write them, draw them, go to small press fairs and sell them, put them online, whatever just make make make make. Show them to editors, to creators you admire, throw them at retailers - ask for advice and don’t be disheartened, it took me 8 years to get a gig like this and I’m holding onto it with an iron grip.

Hope that’s useful!

ryoutakiseki asked:

Wait wait hello! you're Marc Ellerby like the real Marc?WOAH how dumb am I've never seen your tumblr before! I'm a big fan of your work man! love your stories and your art style~ (´▽`) , can't believe you reblogged my post about your comic! Thanks!

It’s a-me! Hey thanks for posting one of favourite Noonan scenes (and also not calling me out on looking at my Tumblr tags…)