News of special anniversary comics and prints will be announced very soon!


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I showed my friend the Chloe Noonan comics recently and she loved them! Plus she said the writing style is similar to my own which had made my day! :)


Ah that’s nice to hear, Cool Sunglasses Person.

Preview of a Noonan print I’m doing for the Great Beast Comics event at Gosh! Comics, London on the 14th of March.


We’re having a free party at Gosh! 7pm -9pm, be there or be giant lame-ass.

ALL of our artists will be there and we’ll be announcing some event-specific special items nearer the time. It’s gonna be good!

I’ve got a little comic strip in this week’s Kerrang! (Written by James at K! Drawn by moi)

Made a new gnarly mix brooo