Anonymous asked:

Mr. Ellerby, I was wondering how one comes to write for something like Titan Comics? Did they seek you out or do they have job openings that anyone can apply for or does one just send in their résumé and cross their fingers? Ok, I kid, I kid, but wow. I can't even imagine it. I hope you don't mind me asking but feel free to delete this if it's too nosy. Either way, congratulations on your monthly Doctor Who strip!

Hello! Titan editor Andrew James has been a fan of my comic for years and we’ve spoken and kept in contact in that time. He approached me in November last year about working on Who and it took a lot of testing and trying out strips before we all locked down what the back ups would be like.

Titan do have a submissions guide on their website which I didn’t look into as they approached me but my advice for those wanting to get work in comics is simple: Make comics. Write them, draw them, go to small press fairs and sell them, put them online, whatever just make make make make. Show them to editors, to creators you admire, throw them at retailers - ask for advice and don’t be disheartened, it took me 8 years to get a gig like this and I’m holding onto it with an iron grip.

Hope that’s useful!

ryoutakiseki asked:

Wait wait hello! you're Marc Ellerby like the real Marc?WOAH how dumb am I've never seen your tumblr before! I'm a big fan of your work man! love your stories and your art style~ (´▽`) , can't believe you reblogged my post about your comic! Thanks!

It’s a-me! Hey thanks for posting one of favourite Noonan scenes (and also not calling me out on looking at my Tumblr tags…)

kerjenfanfic asked:

Thank you for putting River Song in The Pond Life comic! I rushed to get the comic when I found out! I'm one of many fans who wanted to see Melody with her family and wished we saw her in the miniseries. Thanks to you, we see this at last! xx

You are most welcome! And that also goes out to all the Melody/River fans out there who have gotten in touch the past few days, you’re all very sweet. I know it’s only 1 page but hopefully that will tie you over until the next time we see her (which I don’t know when will be but someday…)

cg-scrapbook asked:

Ooh check you out with a backup strip in Doccy Who - big congrats I'm super jealous but pleased to see a small press-er rising through the ranks! Lets get ahead of ourselves for a brief moment and pretend the big two are clamouring at your door - what would be your dream comic/character from the toybox would you love to be let loose on? :)


I think out of all the Marvel books (was never a DC fan to be honest) - Generation X is the one that still has a warm place in my heart and it’s for that reason alone I’d love to draw those characters. Chris Bachalo drew the first few arcs and came out with the designs and, man, what an artist, I spent hours pouring over his drawings and layouts, loving this “Vertigo” style on a brand populated by the Kubert brothers style.

I think if that book had any failings is that they spent more time trying to save the world and less time at the mall and believe me if I were in charge there would be more sitting around eating pizza than super-heroics, buddy!

Also believe it or not but Marvel put out a “Underground Special” by Jim Mahfood which in the late 90’s which BLEW MY MIND and is what led me to finding the Clerks comics he drew at Oni and then Oni Press itself and the golden era of books they put out in the early 00’s. So yeah thanks Marvel for getting me into indie comics?!?! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUBS. 


But! I’ll be honest my dream “work for hire” job at the moment would be to do some work on KaBoom’s Cartoon Network and Frederator range. Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat, Regular Show, Steven Universe are all totally amaaaazing but it seems that every other cartoonist in the world is also trying to get through that particular door. Maybe one day…