A preview of the 136 page digital edition of Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter which you can buy right now from Great Beast comics for only £2.99.

If you’re not aware of Chloe by now, click here for a very short history lesson.

And now a quick plea…

I created the digital omnibus for several reasons. First, the cost of shipping books to countries outside the UK is ridiculous and I know that puts people off buying them (especially when it comes to factoring in the exchange rate). Secondly, I’ve said this before, digital distribution is here to stay and that people like the ability to read and store their comics on electronic devices. Offering the digital edition opens the book and character to a wider untapped audience. In theory anyway.

The digital omnibus is 136 pages and features all the comics published so far in full colour with an added sketchbook section and bonus bits.  I took the decision to colour the comics (which were originally printed in black and white) in order to make them look better on monitors and tablets (when you shrink zip-tone patterns they change and distort and end up looking messy). It took a real long time to do but I think it’s really worth it.

So here’s the thing. I want to continue to create Chloe Noonan comics for a long time to come and at the moment I’m still self-publishing them so the only support that comes in from the book is you guys. In order to create more Chloe Noonan comics I am in a weird place that the book seems to have it’s fans aplenty but not necessarily the funding to support it. I am working on a longer narrative of Chloe but it’s getting increasingly harder to find the time to work on it due to day job commitments. So, well, I need a bit of a helping hand.

I’ve tried to price the Chloe digital omnibus fairly cheap. It’s 136 pages of full colour comics for £2.99 (or under $5 for those dealing with all types of dollars, or just over 3EUR for Europeans). Considering most US comics are 20 pages of content for $4, I reckon this is a total bargain.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Chloe but have never read an issue of it before then here’s your chance. If you’re a long time fan and want to support me, please consider buying the digital edition of the comic (like I said there’s loads of bonus bits to devour). If you have no interest in buying the digital comic whatsoever, that is perfectly reasonable but if you want to help me out then tweet, blog or do a status update about the comic. Spread the word, say how much you enjoy it - your pals are more likely to listen to you than they are to a RT of my silly cartoon face.

But above all else thanks for your continued support in whatever way you show it. It surprises me that anyone actually gives a hoot about my comics to begin with. Don’t get scared by the above, there will be more Chloe comics, it just depends on how quickly I can get them done.

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    If you bought GIRL&BOY you should definitely get this, from one of the UK’s brightest young talents.
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