Some clarification on what’s happening with my Chloe Noonan comics

This morning on Twitter I perhaps tweeted without really thinking things through in a conversation with heroes of British comic retail, Page 45.

Cheers, matey! Someone asked yesterday about the possibility of a NOONAN collection. We’ll hit them with ELLERBISMS.

To which I replied with…

never a collection, in fact the minis are going out of print this year (apart from col special).

So the above is true, I’ve never had any plans to collect the mini comics together, due to the sporadic nature of the strips, the inconsitant artwork and more importantly and above all else I am actually planning on starting Chloe over.

I’ve said for a while that the mini comics are almost like demos, a way for me to feel out the character and see what does or doesn’t work and so with that in mind I’m refocusing and restarting the story of our beloved whinging ginger ninja. It’s going to take a while, because these things always do but I am about 5 drafts in and on the first round of thumbnails so it’s moving ahead. In what capacity this new-Noonan emerges is unclear at the moment, but I’ve always wanted to tell a longer narrative with Chloe and I have that all in mind, it’s just a bit of tweaking needs to be done.

That’s all I’ll say for the time being as there’s nothing quite like yakking on and on about something that isn’t ready yet.  I should have enough print copies to last the rest of the year (something I made sure when ordering my last print run) but the digital download will never go away and is there for posterity in glorious technicolour.

If you have any questions you can always ask by sending me a Tumblr message thingy or whatever the heckings it’s called.

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