This Saturday I’ll be at the BZF Independent Publishing Fair at Sidewalk in Birmingham from 12pm-6pm. It’s not just a comic show, there’s zines and loads of indie publications and most importantly it’s a free event to the public so if you’re in the area, no excuses! I shall have with me some Chloe Noonan comics and tote bags and my Hourly Comics collection (which is only available directly from me).

I’m also on a panel Make It Then Tell Everybody alongside Luke Pearson, Phillipa Rice, Lizz Lunney and moderated by Dan Berry, which takes place at 3pm on the Saturday at the Patrick Centre. We’ll be talking about creativity and process.

That’s not all! If you head to the 6/8 Kafe there’s an exhibition of drawings featuring some of the comic related artists attending BZF. Including me! Worth a look!

So I’ll see you there, right? If not there’ll be trouble or at least a frown on my face.