At very long last my autobio graphic novel Ellerbisms is now available for pre-ordering.

5 years in the making, 268 pages, 200+ original strips (rescanned and retouched) 30+ brand new pages specially drawn for this collection, rounded corners (!!!!!) and endless drawings of my face.

I’m offering incentives for pre-orders like sketches, mini comics, buttons, original art work (for the first time I am parting with the art from the series and if you know me at all you know how hard that is) and more so why not check out some of the personalised offers available and fill your house with Ellerby paraphernalia.

If you don’t know what Ellerbisms is about, well, it deals with the small, sometimes funny sometimes sad moments of the day that might not be big or life changing in the big picture of life but are moments we all have and relate to. It’s also a relationship told in pictures. It’s a love story, one that you’ve probably gone through yourself or are currently going through. It was a webcomic, some people liked it. I’m very proud of it.

It will be out in time for Thought Bubble in Leeds and (hopefully) Comica in London next month. There’s a blog post about it right here if you want some more information. I totally 100% think you should buy a copy.