I bought SUNNY at TCAF the other weekend and loved it so much I drew the three lads from it.

I’m not sure if anyone can touch Taiyo Matsumoto when it comes to drawing kids, I love the way he styles his characters, gives them all personalities in how they act on the page, makes them a little bratty but relatable and gives them an enormous amount of heart. SUNNY seems to be a perfect book for him to work on, and in a lot of ways is like he’s utilising what made his past works so great, like using fantasy to show a character’s longing and imagination but keeping it all down to earth. It tug on my heart more than once and I was so wrapped up in this world he had created in such a short amount of pages. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough, I could have easily sat and read 500 pages about these lads, but hopefully Viz won’t cancel this series after a couple of volumes and give Taiyo a chance to be seen outside of the small clique that seem to know who he is.

"You’re standing on my neck"

I drew this last year in a homage to Ron Gilbert’s timeless point and click adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island. The original box art was of course painted by Steve Purcell who is also famous for being the creator of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

I think I’ve posted this before but that link is dead due to my website going down and Tim Schafer (the co-writer) is all over the place at the moment so reminded me of this.

You can buy this image as a £2.50 print if you feel like it - http://marcellerby.bigcartel.com/product/chloe-noonan-scumm-print