I asked Lizz to draw this for me for the very first issue of Chloe Noonan. It’s based on the first Ellerbisms mini comic and a joke that I like to reuse because I only have so many ideas.

Lizz’s comics are great and she has some new ones coming out. You can get them from her website and heck I’m really looking forward to them.

Years and years ago I drew a series for Oni Press called Love The Way You Love and I asked people who were much better than me at drawing to draw portraits of me to go in the back of each volume.

Louis Roskosch drew this for volume 5, back in 2007. I only bring this up because his debut comic Leeroy & Popo is out this week from Nobrow. I got the mini comic version last year and loved the fuck out of it but I’ll get this new again as it’s Nobrow, duh?!