I drew this as a wedding present for two of my best friends Kev and Helen who got married last weekend. If there’s two people who love the world of Henson nearly as much as I do then it’s them.

I was so nervous drawing this and spent probably a good two weeks on it in total, I guess because it was for a present for their wedding I really felt the stress - it had to be perfect y’know?! I think it’s one of the best things I’ve drawn, or at least one of the things I’m most proud of. Maybe that’s odd to say as these aren’t my creations but I knew how much the picture would mean to Kev and Helen.

It was so fun to draw. Oh god, seriously you all have to have a go drawing a Muppet; you’ll be doing quotes, singing songs and having an absolute blast of a time. That’s why I drew a couple of Muppety portraits a few weeks ago - I couldn’t shake the good times!

Here’s to the happy couple! The lovers and the dreamers!